Many people are surprised to learn that their beloved pets can suffer from food sensitivities and allergies just like they do. And just like with humans, these sensitives can range from mild to severe, and they can be triggered by a variety of different substances. So, how to get started with meal plans involving Fresh Food for dogs with allergies.
Get Yourself Started With The Right Process
If you suspect that your dog has food sensitives, the first step is to order a in home food sensitivity test kit. The Whole Pet Wellness – food and environment sensitivity kit isaffordable and can be done in your home. Simply send in some hair to our lab and in 14 days you will receive an email with your results.

Another option is to pay for a visit at your veterinarian, who will suggest switching your dog to a costly prescription diet, or suggest finding a commercial limited-ingredient diet. However, this process can be time-consuming, expensive, and because you don’t know what your dog’s food sensitives are, it may not be possible to find a commercial dog food that meets your dog’s needs.

What to look for
A custom meal plan for a food sensitive dog will typically consist of all-natural ingredients that are free from common allergens like wheat, corn, soy, and dairy. Many custom meal plans also avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Instead, they focus on providing your dog with wholesome, nutritious food that will help them feel their best.

A balanced diet is an important part of keeping your allergic dog healthy and happy. If you have any questions about creating a balanced diet for your allergic dog, be sure to talk to our food specialist—they will be able to provide you with tailored advice based on your dog’s individual needs.

However with your at home food sensitivity test- Whole Pet Wellness Panel, you can immediately begin to make changes to their diet with confidence. To make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients they need, check out our website for recipe ideas.

To begin making your food sensitive dog a custom meal, start by making a list of all the ingredients you will need for each recipe. Once you have a list create, shopping in your local market will be easy, then schedule to make each recipe. If you have trouble fitting everything into one week, don’t hesitate to batch cook or make extra portions to freeze for later.
By taking into account your pet’s individual needs and preferences, you can develop a diet that is nutritious and free of allergens. This will help your furry friend feel their best and enjoy a long, healthy life.