What You Need To Know About Getting Your Immigrant Visa Approved

Family members have migrated to america for many years trying to find a better lifestyle. If you and your partner is really a U.S. residents, you just might sponsor your household members’ immigration to the us. Continue reading for more information on the U.S. immigration procedure for loved ones and the value of Immigration Lawyer San Francisco (Abogado de inmigracion San Francisco).

Actions to think about

●The first step in sponsoring your loved ones member’s immigration would be to file an I-130 petition with america Citizenship and Immigration Providers (USCIS). The I-130 petition is often known as the Application for Alien General. This application determines your relationship between you and your family participant. Once the I-130 application is accepted, your family members associate is going to be alerted and will have to complete a software for the green card.

●The environmentally friendly credit card application method contains a conversation at the community USCIS office. Through the talk to, a USCIS police officer asks questions to validate the relationship between you and your family participant as well as decide if your household member is eligible for a green card. If the USCIS representative establishes that your loved one is entitled, they will be issued an environmentally friendly cards.

●As soon as your loved one has their environmentally friendly credit card, they should be able to reside and function permanently in the United States, claims the Immigration lawyer in Las Vegas (Abogado de inmigracion en Las Vegas).They may also submit an application for You.S. citizenship soon after 5yrs when they satisfy certain qualifications requirements, including great moral personality and constant residency in the United States.

Bottom line:

The Us has a lengthy background of family members immigrating to this nation in search of a greater life. When the USCIS officer approves the application during an job interview, your household member is going to be released an eco-friendly card which can allow them to reside and function permanently in the usa. Following five years of steady residency in the united states, they might be entitled to US citizenship.