“Do not brush wavy hair!” We have all obtained made use of that mantra throughout the years, have not we? But actually, more and more curlies are getting fabulously constrained clumps from utilizing a denman d4 brush to type their your hair.

From ribbon curls to gorgeous, there is a bunch of methods to make a Denman D4 remember to brush be right for you. Understand, curly hair is weak when damp, so only take these strategies carefully.

Brush and Shake: Denman D4

Certainly the most convenient method, here is the most useful way to make natural sections and looser locks. It does greatest with upside-down design and can be achieved on damp head of hair – although very moist hair can give one of the most that means.


Tip hair ahead and gently remember to brush through upside-down without crushing. Once every one of the your hair is brushed, delicately jump your fee till the clumps fuse mutually. They need to can come collectively intrinsically. If clumps never kind, try out counting far more drinking water. Scrunch clusters very carefully, to get around isolating them. You can then either diffuse upside down or flick locks backup and check out parch by natural means.

Ribbon Style

This procedure will more than likely make the most described communities. The most helpful strategy to make clear this is certainly to feel of winding the ribbon over a current. You should generate tension around the hair over the boundary of your own clean with the palm.


This could be attained upside down or right side up which is most useful accomplished on wet your hair. Choose a clump of head of hair the size you choose will determine how big the last clump. Firstly, clean from the clump it is therefore completely delicate. Up coming, put the remember to brush as near for the root as potential and clean out and outside the scalp. Elevate the top of the cluster gently and rebound before the clump plans.