Organizations that monitor, handle, evaluate, and influence the impressions consumers and leads have of a brand via online reputation management (ORM) use the phrase. Tracking and responding to brand mentions on various digital touchpoints is essential for online reputation management. There are various options here, depending on the sector and target audience.
• Google and other search engines,
• review sites like G2 and Capterra,
• news and blog websites and videos
The most important advantages of maintaining a positive internet image
Making a company more trustworthy
Regardless matter how much work you put into making your customers happy, there will always be some bad feedback.
It all boils down to how you respond to a bad press mention of your brand. Maintaining control of your online reputation and responding to all types of feedback (both good and negative) is important for establishing trust with your audience.
Showing your consumers that you care about them is as easy as replying politely to a bad review and setting things right when it’s necessary.
Increasing the number of transactions
While some people still go shopping on the spur of the moment, most of us conduct our homework online before making a purchase.
Even more astoundingly, 81 percent of buyers confess to surfing the Internet before purchasing goods. Francis Santa thinks that one bad review might be enough to alter our opinions and lead us to choose a different product.
Increasing client satisfaction
Increasing consumer involvement is more accessible when you monitor and participate in as many channels as possible. A proactive and reactive attitude to client contacts is necessary to achieve this.
You can keep clients engaged in your business by being active online, presenting them with unique deals, and quickly responding to their questions and comments.
Long-term client relationships are built on trust, and trust is essential for company development. Responding merely to brand references in your own media, as described previously in the concept of reputation management, would not be enough.