The vast majority of people you see around you are living in some form of captivity.When there are issues in the parts of the body, it will make life a living hell. The search for possible solutions must be undertaken with moderation. If you want to address issues relating to friction in any part of your body through an exercise regime, it is necessary to go along with wearable api.

Here are some of the techniques that can be used to address some of the problems in the body.

Deep Abdominal Muscle Stretch

If you are having issues in the lower back that relate to IT band tightness, you are advised to go for a deep abdominal muscle stretch. Stand in the middle of the door frame with your legs crossed and arms stretched outwards. Go ahead and grab the door frame. Hold it for about 15 seconds and then exhale. Change your position and repeat the process.

The Seated Heart Opener

The seated heart opener is best suited for the mobility of your chest, upper back, and shoulders. This can be achieved in a sitting or standing position. Grab the back of your chair if you’re sitting.While standing, interlace your fingers behind you—if your posture allows for that. You get soothing relief.

Seated Throat Rotation

The seated thoracic rotation is ideal for curbing issues relating to neck pain and difficulty in breathing. You can achieve this by leaning slightly back in your chair and firmly interlocking your arms on your chest with a firm grip. Gradually inhale and exhale as you rotate simultaneously in your chair.

In order to achieve clinical results through any of the options discussed above, a partnership with fitness api is mandatory to success during the exercise regime.