How to make a great hen do party that everyone will like

Organizing a great hen party is not as challenging as organising a whole wedding. But don’t let this trick you into believing it is a simple thing to do. A great hen party will have guests, food, drinks, a booking, hen party games and many other details. Here is how to throw an amazing hen party:
• Getting the bride exactly what she wants
This party should be about the bride and her amusement. Yes, you should make it a fun and maybe wild event, but it needs to be based on her desires, not yours. So, the whole night should include things that she wants and enjoys. This is your role as a best friend and a host.
And keep in mind that in the wedding, the bride might not have everything she wants. There would be some compromising, wishes of others, and traditions to come between her and her desires. So, planning the hen party based on her needs and preferences can be a great emotional compensation.
• Let your creativity guide you.
As you keep the wishes of the bride in your mind, you should unleash your creativity simultaneously. For instance, you can arrange a theme party or let the guests dress up in a certain way. Also, if you want to include games, this will be a great plus. Games can positively affect the overall vibe of the event. Hen do parties can be something else when games and other fun activities are included.
• Involve the group in the process.
To make everyone happy and excited, you should make them feel important. This means listening to their opinions and suggestions. It can be difficult to satisfy all tastes, but you can always find a compromise that the majority of the group would appreciate.
When it comes to exchanging ideas with the rest of the group, it is important to use instant messaging apps or platforms. This helps in making communication really fast and efficient.