To achieve professional makeup, you must have the necessary accessories to optimize the work. One must-have accessory for a sophisticated beauty routine is the hollywood vanity mirror.
The famous brand in the cosmetic industry brings you the best vanity mirrors with lights to get the proper lighting on your face. One of the available models is 100 centimeters long and 75 centimeters high.
Additionally, it features 15 x 3-watt LED bulbs, giving you the brightness of a 25-watt incandescent bulb, but without that orange tint and the heat. The LED bulbs used by the leading brand consume less energy and last longer.
Mirror with lights for a perfect makeup at any time of the day
The Hollywood makeup mirror will allow you to carry out makeup routines on any day. It features a sleek, modern design that will look perfect in your business or beauty space.
These mirrors have bulbs on the sides and top for proper lighting with natural, neutral light.
It is made of a high-quality and resistant material so that makeup enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful and efficient mirrors.
Plus, they feature revolutionary cosmetic technology that lets you securely connect your hairdryer, phone, tablet, straightener, and other hair accessories. The leading company has a wide variety of products to achieve a unique and modern beauty space.
Another product available in the beautiful makeup organizer is made of transparent acrylic. It has five pull-out drawers with faux crystal knobs for a more elegant touch.
The cube has a luxurious finish to enjoy high quality and sophisticated organizers. It’s acrylic that won’t crack or turn yellow like other cheap plastic organizers. This organizer measures approximately 10 inches (25 cm) on each side.
For a better makeup experience, you can combine this acrylic makeup organizer with the charming Hollywood vanity mirror. You will have a lovely place for your beauty routine!