c60 fullerene: Why you should consider using it

Have you ever heard of c60 fullerene? Odds are, you haven’t. But that’s all about to alter. This newly-identified substance will be hailed like a miracle molecule, and for good reason. Here are just some of the ways that c60 supplements c60 fullerene can boost your c60 oil lifestyle.

What is c60 Fullerene?

Before we have into all the c60 benefits of c60 fullerene, let’s initially spend some time to comprehend what it is. c60 fullerene is a co2 allotrope using the chemical substance method C60. It takes the form of a hollow cage made up of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. Every single co2 atom in the molecule is bonded to three other people, developing a planar sheet merged together in the ends. This unique construction offers c60 fullerene a variety of impressive qualities.

Ever since then, analysis to the potential applications of is on-going. And each time, it feels like we’re identifying new and interesting techniques that this compound enables you to improve our way of life.

The Benefits of c60 Fullerene

There are lots of prospective programs for, ranging from health care to business employs. Probably the most promising areas of study incorporate:

• Cancers treatment method: 1 review learned that c60 fullerene could kill multi-medicine resistant cancers cells without hurting wholesome cells.

• Alzheimer’s condition: An additional study found that c60 fullerenes could shield neurons from damage brought on by amyloid beta peptides, which can be thought to be a factor in Alzheimer’s sickness.

• Drinking water filtering: One experiment found that when c60 fullerenes were put into h2o contaminated with gas, they could actually process around 3 x their very own weight in oils while making the water clean and drinkable.

• Solar technology: Experts are discovering utilizing c60 fullerenes being an productive strategy to change solar energy into helpful electrical power.


As we discussed, there are several potential ways to use c60 fullerene. So that as analysis into this ingredient persists, we are certain to learn even more approaches that it may boost our way of life. So keep the eyes peeled for more news about this remarkable molecule!